Unicorn ballon
My frozen meal
Chicken Nuggets and rice?... What?
Dang that’s pretty far off
Costco Pizza- Before I opened it I thought "There's no way there is that many pepperonis".
Our pizza cookie didn’t quite come out as we’d hoped...
It's my son's birthday today, and he wanted a fire-truck cake. It came out better than expected
This lightning mcqueen balloon at a local store
Went to this ice cream shop solely based on their Insta pics...
These protein cake bites aren't even close
Some flowers my friend bought as decorations for her wedding reception.
Pan Dulce, fooled once again!
I ordered a felt fox online
I should’ve known.
Not my dog so I can't answer questions about whether the dye was safe or not.
Happy Hippos don’t disappoint
I think they downloaded the wrong Lord of the Rings
Hmm. "Bold". Okay.
At least it was a somewhat similar shape
How can TV dinners get away with packaging like this?
Blueberry Macarons
This nutsack of an egg
This school lunch 'delight'
Friends don’t let friends get free tattoos by drunk amateurs
Ordering plants online is always risky but this just made me sad.
Pretty sun. I tried.
Thanks IHOP!
Paid whey too much, got whey less than expected.
Not as colorful as I was expecting
My wife bought me a large box of what looked like my favourite chocolates.
Pic I showed the hairdresser vs. What she gave me (this was for my senior prom so I was a bit disappointed)
For illustration only
Tried baking brownie cookies with an internet recipe. They're glued to the paper and about 2 mm "thick".
I have many regrets.
Doge vs dog
Sprouts Farmers Market Edition
Giant paint-by-numbers kit (so far).
The scientists must be stopped
Mask I recently purchased. Guess the beast caught jaundice..
The accuracy of progression pictures in missing crimes
Our local Alidi has Gino's East-Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
St Patrick’s Day edition
Pleased with this pizza from Weiss for $2.97